Monday, August 9, 2010

Generation Cry Baby

Lately, society has been giving titles to generations. "Generation X" "Generation Y". I do not know where they originate from but I have dubbed the new generation:


Today's PARENTS are such friggin cry babies and our current legislation keeps coming up with ways to change the laws so that no one is offended. How is our future generation going to be tough enough to fight in the military or to hold prestigious positions? The parents of today would rather cry and sue over mundane issues than teach their children a life lesson. It's really quite annoying. Here are some examples that drive me absolutely bananas:

Let's start with T-ball, soccer, etc.: EVERYBODY GETS A TROPHY???????? Give me a fucking break! You win the game, you get a trophy. Loser either cries and gets over it or just enjoys the game and goes home. But because some kids whine when they get home after losing...and the parents don't want to hear the losers get trophies too. I totally blame the parents. I have played numerous games of Candy Land with my daughter. She seriously flips out when she does not get the ice cream card. So I give her a choice. She can continue with the game, have fun and see how it turns out. The result will be the same. If she wins she gets nothing and if she loses she gets nothing. OR, she can go in her room and play by herself, because if she continues this behavior she will not have any friends to play with and she will have to become accustomed to being by herself. What does giving trophies to everybody teach our children? It teaches them to be self entitled. They will believe they are entitled to money, promotions and awards that they didn't earn. This is a huge disservice. Why would they bother trying hard or striving for success? By the way, have you ever seen the losers of the Super Bowl get a ring? I haven't.

NOW PARENTS ARE SUING SCHOOLS??????? Absolutely ridiculous! I recently read a story in the paper about a parent who is suing the school because the teacher did not hang their daughter's essay on the wall along with the other students'. The teacher explained that the task was to write an essay about your summer vacation and what you did. Instead, the student wrote about her mother being sick. Is that following directions????? The parent's irrational response was to threaten to sue the school. A bit of an overreaction, don't you think? The better response would have been to review the assignment with their daughter and suggest she follow the instructions, maybe re-do the assignment to comply with what was requested. But parents of today can not accept blame, cannot accept their child has a flaw, even if was as temporary as not following the rules..and cannot discipline their children in order to guide them to their future.

NO PEANUT BUTTER IN THE SCHOOL: I have a funny feeling that I am going to surprise you all but I agree with the school (and no, I don't have children with allergies). A few years ago, in my hometown, a notice went out to parents of a school explaining that a girl who is highly allergic to peanut products will be enrolled. Her parents and the school would like the cooperation of everybody to not bring peanut butter into the school. The school would also be making accommodations by having the child sit at a "special" table in the cafeteria. Is not being allowed to bring peanut products to school inconvenient? Yes. Is it unfair to students who don't have peanut allergies and really like to eat peanut butter sandwiches? Perhaps. But the reaction that the school got from the parents was absolutely ridiculous!! Instead of keeping in mind that this girl could die, YES, DIE, from being in contact with peanut products, they focused on how upset their precious child will be if they can't have their peanut butter sandwich. Plus, it's so much easier for the parents to just slap together peanut butter on bread. Wouldn't this be the perfect opportunity to have your child open their minds to different lunches? Is it really that hard to make cream cheese and jelly instead of peanut butter and jelly? What about a turkey sandwich? It's so easy: bread, turkey, maybe cheese mustard or mayo. Not any extra steps than peanut butter. Better yet how about using this event to teach your children a little compassion? Wouldn't it be a great idea if instead of parents crying that their family is slightly inconvenienced they stress the importance of a human life over a sandwich??? Children on Generation Cry Baby will grow up valuing food and convenience over humanity.

I think the Crybaby Generation started with the act of being politically correct. This practice of being politically correct has gone completely overboard! The original intent was to eliminate prejudices but now it has gone so far that people can't say anything without the fear of insulting someone. For instance, lets use race as an example. Apparently now using the description "Oriental" is offensive. Why??? I don't get it. If a person appears to be from the Orient region of Asia..why not use it as a descriptive term? Instead, the term,"Asian", is preferred. But Asian is more broad and covers more countries. If I am trying to describe a mugger to a police sketch artist and I say "Asian", he/she wouldn't know whether to draw the picture as a Chinese person or a person from India or Israel. But if I say "Oriental" he can assume that the person has a slant to his eyes, right? Another thing, how the heck am I supposed to look at someone and decide if he or she is African American???????? A person can be white and be African American...or a person can be black, but his/her ancestors as far back as great grandparents can be from United States. I certainly don't expect people to look at ME and try to find the politically correct description. If they did that with my child, they would be politically INCORRECT in saying "Caucasian". That would be offensive, according to the current rules. They would have to use psychic skills to come up with the true identity of Polish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian (I could go on) American. These Generation Crybaby'ers are going to drive us insane trying to figure out what we can and cannot call each other. How about this instead: I call it like I see it, and if I'm seeing it wrong, correct me. That should be what being politically correct really correct means.

Would you believe that the term "Gifted Child" has been made politically incorrect by Generation Crybabies????? What? That's a fucking compliment! And if my child was gifted, I would be shouting it! But instead, the correct term is "Advanced Learner". Seriously, a rose by any other name......? I believe that this is not geared towards the "Advanced Learners" but more likely, the Crybabies whose children are not gifted were offended and jealous and put up a friggin stink about it! Does changing the name make their kids any smarter??? Uh, that would be a big fat NO. Why don't they focus on spending time with their children, teaching their children, taking away the video games and constant television and make their child use their imagination...then THEY can call their own child gifted.

Ok, I'm about to hop off my soap box here. So this post was more venting than funny..but hopefully this cycle of Crybabyies will end!!!! I fear for my children's future when children of Crybabies lead the world. This country won't be protected because we don't want to offend our enemies. The world will be made up of slackers because why should anyone strive for success when awards will be doled out to everyone regardless of achievement? And there will be an island for people with peanut allergies as not to inconvenience the rest of us without this terrible hardship. Perhaps I'll be dead by then and miss it all. If I'm lucky.