Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is this world coming to?

I had all these blog post ideas about new revelations that currently piss me off. I started one, then I started another. Then I was chatting with a friend about one of these topics and during the conversation I said to her "What is this world coming to?" So, this post is a combination of the fucked up changes to our society.

All I have to say is (well, it's not really all I have to say or else this post would be really short) I'm kind of glad I was born when I was born, because I would not want to be growing up in today's world. Hopefully I'll die before it gets even worse.

My first gripe is about the kid's game tag. Yes, tag. Did you know that kids in school today are NOT allowed to play tag??? It's considered a game that is "not polite." Give me a friggin break.

Since when did politeness become a factor in a game? Is kickball polite? Is hide and seek polite? Think about it. It's one against the other and there is always someone who holds the power. Are the schools worried about the kids getting hurt while playing tag? If that's the argument, there should be a law that all kids have to be home schooled because EVERYTHING is a potential danger. A kid can trip over his shoelace in the hallway. Which do you eliminate, the shoe or the walking in the hallway? A kid can choke on his cream cheese sandwich (no peanut butter, that would be bad). So, what, no lunch?

I am afraid that the real reason behind this rule is that kids sometimes get upset when they "get out" or get tagged. I mean, isn't against the law now to hurt some one's feelings? Sometimes they phrase it as a hate crime. (Because you can't just disagree with some one's lifestyle without it being hateful, right? - by the way, that's in sarcastic font). Some poor kid will get out and instead of learning how to deal with it, or even learning that it is just a game and has no actual real effect on life, the school administrators would rather avoid the whole thing to begin with. God forbid the generation crybaby kids (see my earlier post Generation Crybaby for this reference) learn how to handle uncomfortable or undesirable situations. Which brings me to my next gripe:

How come people nowadays only use nonverbal devises to communicate? Especially if it's an uncomfortable conversation. It is such a cowardly form. I fear today's youth will not know how to properly communicate as adults. Consider texting. For one thing, most people test in acronyms or abbreviations. Lol (laugh out loud) Cul8tr (see you later), OMG (oh my gosh). This is like talking as though you're a license plate. Kids won't even know how to spell out or speak real phrases. Imagine one of these kids all grown up and in the work force. They are looking for a raise so instead of writing a nice letter or actually going into his/her boss's office to ask, they will instead text and write "I$+".

My other issue with nonverbal communication is that people nowadays don't just have the common courtesy to work things out. Even if it is with a friend or associate. My friend recently received a facebook message from a co-leader of her girl scout troop. The message requested that she (my friend) step down as co-leader. WTF? Something like this warrants a phone call. Don't be a fucking sissy and take the non-evasive way out. If you have an issue, call and solve it. Be a grown up! Apparently in this situation, there was a recent disagreement between the two leaders. Yeah, and??? People can't disagree anymore? This is what you do when you have a disagreement: You call the person, or see them in person. Then you say "I'm sorry but I didn't see it from your point of view and I'm sorry. I didn't intend to hurt your feelings. Now that you pointed it out to me, I can see if from your perspective and I apologize." Only do that if it's the truth and you mean it. However, if you think the other person is wrong, tell them. Actually speak the words that this is how you see it from your perspective. And explain yourself!!! I have learned that friends don't have to agree with each other as long as they respect each other. Air your differences and get over it! Don't start the argument with a text. Don't answer on stupid Facebook. Stop hiding behind devices.

Back in the olden days, before electronic communication, people actually had only two choices. They could air out their differences man to man or they could just walk away from each other. Ok, maybe letters were written, but it took so long to communicate that by the time the letters were received the issue was over with. People take advantage that they don't actually have to speak to one another. They won't call with an uncomfortable issue because they are afraid of the other person's reaction.

Being afraid of undesirable outcomes is no way to live life. Whether the event is getting out at tag or not confronting your family and friends. Just because the schools now teach children that the best result is to avoid the whole situation to begin with, does that mean it should apply to everything in life?

So, as I sit here, blasting my opinion via a blog, I have no fear in stating that if you don't like what I have to say: *** You can BIOYA B/C IMA BAMF. EOD!***

**ADBB! **

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