Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Means War!

My daughter recently had color war at her camp. She told me that she needs to wear pink because she is on the pink team. THE PINK TEAM??? What, is she on the support the cure for breast cancer team? Color war teams are strong colors! Gold, Blue, Maroon, Gray. Not pink!

Turns out, at her camp Color War is girls versus boys!!!! How lame!! Who came up with this idea? Why would you put girls versus boys? Other than the sing and dance competition, if they even have one, you would think the boys would have an advantage on the sports. Not trying to be sexist, but I think the boys at her age would be able to run faster, tug a rope harder and throw a ball farther.

Anyway, the worst part of the color war being girls versus boys is the lack of competition between friends. It's a complete shame that these kids are not learning how to deal with conflict among their peers. Remember the days when you totally DESPISED your best friend because she was on the other team? Remember getting into physical fights with a sibling over something that happened at camp when you were on opposing teams??? NOW THAT'S A COLOR WAR!!! Of course, at the end of the week, about an hour after the winner was announced, everyone was back to normal. Your best friend before color war was now your best friend again. You and your sibling fought over other issues instead of "who cheated". Would it really be so terrible if this particular camp broke up the group, just for a few days? Teach the kids a life long lesson that despite differences and personal goals; in the end it all doesn't matter. Friendship prevails.

I miss the good fight.