Monday, June 30, 2014

Permanent Resident

Did you guys hear the latest about the live in nanny who got fired and refused to leave the house?

Nope, this is not the start of a joke.  It's a real story out in wackadoo liberal California.

If you haven't heard, take a second, check out the story here:

Here's the cliff notes version:

Family hired a nanny to help with 3 children, cook and light housework.  In exchange for this service, the family would provide free room and board.  (Read between the lines - cheap bastards aren't paying, but bartering).

Said nanny worked for a few months and then decided to slack off.    Family got sick and tired of her old lazy ass not keeping up her end of the bargain and decided to fire her.

Crazy, old, lazy nanny is a psychopath, but she did her homework first at least.   She learned that because she is technically a "tenant" she does not have to move out.  They have to properly evict her which means serving notices.  This does not apply to all states, however, this particular family live in California which is soooo liberal that apparently the criminals have more rights than the law abiding citizens and the tenants have more rights than the landlords.

I do feel terrible for this family.  Imagine having a "guest" (which essentially that's what she was) living in your house and won't leave!   They couldn't leave the house because they were afraid that she might do something in it or to it.  They had to lock their refrigerator as a defense mechanism.  If she can't eat, maybe she will go out for food and then they could change the locks.   My idea was to also lock the bathroom door.  But then I figured it might do more harm because the crazy bitch would probably shit and piss all over the bedroom.

In a way though, the family is fucking stupid.  First of all, they posted their ad and found this nanny on Craig's list.    Now, I've posted on Craig's list before.  I sold my Honda in 20 minutes.  It's great for temporary relationships.  Not long term, invade your property and household relationships.    Plus, just for fun, post a bogus ad on Facebook.   For instance, say you have a couch to give away.   Put details.  I swear only retards respond.   People who will ask questions in which the answers are already in your description.   People who can't even reply in proper English and write to you in abbreviations or slang.   I once advertised a free couch.  I posted a picture of it and explained that it had a rip in it.    Ok, one person who responded ask what color it was (Ummmm, look at the picture).  Another person mentioned that I didn't specify the price  (do you understand free?).    What I'm getting at, in a very long way, is that they aren't going to find a high caliber candidate to respond.  Especially one that they should leave their kids alone with.    Why not contact an agency? I know why..because they were being cheap bastards.  See #2 and #3.

The 2nd stupid thing:  Why didn't they get a back ground check?   They were totally being penny wise and pound foolish.   Why not spend a couple of hundred bucks - just for the sake of peace of mind.   I mean, now a days, people "Google" others before they even go on a date.   The family claimed that they called references.  But really, who are they calling?  Relatives that don't want this lady moving into their house, right?  If this family called me and asked about Psycho Nanny I would be like "oh sure, she's great!  Just like family"!   Because what's the alternative?  Psycho Nanny doesn't get the job and comes knocking on MY door for a place to stay.  Fuck that shit…let her be someone else's problem.

Problem #3:  They didn't offer her payment for the position.   I'm sure they were trying to be economical and decided to use the barter system instead of cold hard cash.  Well, if you're not paying crazy old bitch….how do you expect to ever leave the house?  She has no money!  She can't take the afternoon off and go shopping or go to lunch with her besties.   Again, the barter system is good for short term relationships.   You fix my car and I'll paint your house.   This was win win for the nanny.   Free place to live, free food and all she had to do was help clean up and watch the kids.   Until…she decides not to.

I'm sure I come across as unsympathetic to this family…but I am not.   It must be awful to feel like a prisoner in your own home.    I think the state of California is a big part of this nonsense too.  Imagine if the husband called the police and said that the wife was being a menace.    What would they do?  They would drag her ass out of the house and away from her kids.  She would be forced to find shelter and most likely need to get a psychological evaluation before she could see the kids again.   But a fucking stranger who does the same thing HAS RIGHTS AND YOU CAN'T FORCE HER OUT - is the most ridiculous law in the world.  

I do, however, have a solution to this.    If I were stuck in this situation, I would force my kids to spend the day with this person.   I would take her door down and be sure that she was in ear shot of my children.  After hearing them fight, whine and complain all day…she would be sure to run away.   I know it works for me.

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  1. awesome post... Our society really needs to start weeding these people out and put them on an island with copies of Gent magazine, TVs that play Maury Povich and Jerry Springer, and an unlimited suplly of Twinkies. On second thought, no Twinkies. I might be tempted to join...