Monday, February 8, 2010

I DO, I DO and I DO

When I said "I DO" I didn't realize it meant that I would have to do EVERYTHING! My husband does stuff, don't get me wrong. But the scales of marriage-dom aren't exactly balanced. My husband does the stuff that physically I don't want to such as taking out the garbage and recycling, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, shoveling snow, etc. Those are big ticket items..but when you add up all the little things I think my side tips, just a bit.

One time, my husband asked me for Karen and Steve's address. I was able to rattle it off without looking it up in my book. He was amazed that I new it immediately without even thinking. So my response was, "We had a wedding, we had a baby, the baby had four birthday parties. That's 6 invitations / announcements and 6 thank you notes and on top of that a holiday card for the past 7 years. How can I NOT know their address?". The moral of the story is, when it comes to physical labor, my husband is it...but the rest of the stuff falls on me. And it's a lot. Think of it. We have two children. My job is to figure out what they are going to eat for the week, buy it, sometimes make it. I do their laundry, fold their clothes, put it away and then also figure out what they are going to wear. I plan all of their birthday parties including writing out all the invitations and thank you notes, planning the entertainment and menu. Additionally, I have all other "wifely" duties like working a full time job, planning weekend activities, not only for the kids but social get togethers for us grownups. I schlep the girls to their dance class and then go grocery shopping.

Believe it or not, this is not a post complaining about all that I do. This is a solution to a problem that a lot of wives / mom's have. And the answer is:

Making polygamy legal is a win-win situation. If I had a sister wife, I would spend less time stressing about all that has to be done. I wouldn't have to try and accomplish personal things while at work. Dinner would almost always be ready by the time I got home and there would be no excuse for the house to be dirty. Currently, the bathroom is so dirty that if I have to pee I run down to the gas station. It's cleaner.

Polygamy would not only be beneficial to me, but my husband as well. Think of it this way: He never has to feel put off if I am not "in the mood". I can just say "Go ask my sister wife. Maybe she feels like doing it tonight". Never again will I have to fake a headache or explain why I have had my period for 2 weeks straight.

The only way polygamy would backfire is if there is only one wife and more than one husband! THAT would be a catastrophe.


  1. I think that you've officially become my wife's hero. Just sayin'.

  2. LOL That is hysterical. I'm currently divorced, but maybe I should consider moving to Utah before meeting Mr., (and Mrs.) Right.....



  3. Great idea Carly! I'm on my 2nd marriage and if there is ever a 3rd, I will be getting a wife!

  4. I want a wife too! I've thought about this before but you wrote it perfectly!