Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras....and TRASH!

Watched one episode of the show. I want to throw up.

I am all for boosting my child's self esteem, building confidence, learning about competition and coping with losing and creating a great public speaker. But is putting on tons of make up, false teeth and wigs the way to do it???? I don't think so. These moronic parents (mostly mothers)insist that's why they put their kids in these god awful pageants. Really? Is that why?

I noticed that most of these mothers are obese, ugly or both. My opinion is they are reliving their ugly and miserable childhood by making their girls even more attractive to pedophiles. The mothers also justify entering their kids into these pageants because they can win great cash prizes. Obviously the mothers don't understand basic math....If you spend $500.00 to $1,000.00 on dresses, another $200 to $800.00 on bathing suits and then even more money and makeup, but you win $500.00 in the are still in the red BIG TIME. Duh.

I truly believe that this show should be watched by social workers. It will give them the proof they need to educate other parents on how NOT to be parents. I don't think these pageant moms are damaging their child enough to be taken away..but perhaps they can be persuaded to take a parenting class or the government can intervene to have these mothers sterilized.

Here are some of the examples of awful mothering I witnessed on this show:

1. A five year old using a pacifier in between events? Does the mom think that because the older pageant kids wear false teeth anyway it won't matter what her kid's teeth end up looking like? Plus to have a five year old dependent on that thing? I'm sure that dependency will lead to other vices, or even worse, other oral fixations when she's a teen. She'll end up on MTV's Teen Mom. Oh wait, you can't get pregnant that way.

2. Feeding a girl (I'm talking 8 or younger I'm sure) Red Bull and Pixie Sticks. Why stop there? How about a handful of Ecstasy and some strobe lights for her talent. I'm not trying to put out a Holier than Thou vibe, but my kids, now ages 6 and 3 think they are allergic to soda. That way they don't ask for it and when they see other kids with it, they believe it will make them sick and they can't have it. Why get them started? (unlike me, where I need my Coke or Dr.Pepper fix a couple times a week). Like the girl in #1, if she starts off on Red Bull, what will that escalate to? Is Red Bull a gateway drink to harsher beverages? Lattes at 10 years old? As for the Pixie Sticks...with childhood obesity on the rise, why not just give her a packet of sweet and low instead? I smell a good case of diabetes for this poor kid.

3. Having a child's eyebrow waxed??? Come on! That is a little extreme. The poor girl was crying and begging for mercy! Is the friggin $500 and trophy worth your child begging to stop the pain. Yes, it stings..but for a kid with sensitive youthful skin, that sting has got to feel a lot worse! I never even heard of eyebrow waxing until my late 20's when someone suggested I do it for my wedding. And you should have seen my eyebrows! I looked like a descendant of Bert from Sesame Street. Go ahead, check out my facebook pictures and see my college photos. I ain't lying.

4. Other bells and whistles such as spray tanning, wigs / hair pieces, false teeth, false eyelashes and even acrylic nails. Acrylic nails, on a five year old. Give me a break! Is having nice nails really going to be a deal breaker at a kid's beauty pageant? Oh, her talent was explaining in full accuracy the string theory while juggling, but her she had a chip in her nail paint so she's disqualified. Do these mom's realize how damaging the acrylic nails are to the nail beds? Do they also realize how damaging it is to the child to not believe in their true beauty? That they can only be beautiful with all this crap???? More ranting on this below:

What kills me the most is that the mothers claim that the "Beauty Pageant" is all about being a well rounded person. Hmmmm..then why is sooo much money spent and focus on the physical beauty? And then why don't then call it an "Amazing Ability" pageant? It's hard not to be beautiful with the magic of makeup, wigs, spray tanning and false everything else. If it ISN'T a beauty pageant, why go through all that trouble? To be honest, young girls are really, really cute! Why don't they have the pageant based on their true beauty? Without smoke and mirrors? That would be a real contest. I mean who is actually the true winner in this contest, the kid or the person who did the best job applying the makeup? Maybe the makeup artist should get the trophy.

The girls should get up on stage, sans makeup and frills, speak and perform a talent. Let the girls know, at a young age, that they can be successful, talented and a well rounded person without faking their appearance.

On the episode I watched, a pageant mother said,"Let's be honest, better looking people become more successful". Ok, so why send your kid to school or promote good grades? Why even bother with the talent then? And if your kid is beautiful only because you put tons of applications on their face and head to make them that way, will they truly be successful?

By the way, have you ever seen a picture of Bill Gates, Oprah or Hillary Clinton??????????????


  1. I saw some of that show last night. My grandpfather was watching it. (He said, "Those parents are f***ing nuts". As far as the parents making the kids wear false teeth, makeup & waxing. Its a cultural problem. We're talking about the same people who shun diet & exercise for lap-bands & lypo... It's not just women either, high school football players will opt into steroids, and so on.

  2. If it makes my kid look like a werewolf I'm all for make up and fake teeth.