Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Virgin Blogger talks Sex

Hi all. Welcome to my FIRST blog EVER. Basically, this is an extended version of some of my fb posts. Hope you enjoy.

Today in the car I was thinking about sex. But not normal thoughts. Not "ooh, I want some" or "ooh I don't". My thought was provoked by a commercial about impoverished children in third world countries. I often see commercials regarding providing aid to these children and I wondered...How the heck did the parents of these kids have the time or energy to have sex? I mean, they have empty bellies, it takes a day and a 1/2 of walking just to get a pail of water and I'm pretty sure that the physical health would cause irregular menstrual cycles. Again, how do these people find the time and energy to do it? And CONCEIVE? I mean, I have a full time job (that requires no physical labor) and I eat 3 meals a day and then some and I'm TOO DAMN TIRED TO DO IT!

Besides the fact of being too hungry or tired...where do they do it? An entire nuclear family shares a hut and I have never seen a mattress / couch, kitchen table, etc. in these commercials. Do they do it on the dirt floor? Are the children in the hut with them or do they send THEM out for water, or a fly swatter? "Hey kids, there's a plane coming with rice, go wait for it".

-Just Thinking Out Loud

I welcome your thoughts.


  1. Love it! I just bookmarked the site. While you may be too tired for sex, at least your not too tired to create your own blog site. Please send your husband my condolences.

  2. great idea - next you take this and make it a BOOK!!!